• Calody Air, online store of DALINK GLOBAL INC., was born in 2017 with the mission of "making air fresh for everyone in all occasions". We are a company with R&D headquarters and distribution warehouse in Los Angeles, California, so the logistics efficiency is guaranteed for customers in North America.

  • Most of our product design team members have extensive experience working in air cleaning related industries. For the performance and quality of our products, we take pride in having a real understanding of the client needs and producing unique products which go on to be treasured in homes across the globe. Today, our products are shipped all over the world - to New York, Toronto, New Zealand, Hawaii, South Africa and beyond. 

  • At Calody Air, we look to the concept of creating a healthy and green environment for inspiration. Respecting technology empowered lifestyle,  we strongly believe in the value of great products that have a story behind them. 


  • Our company is proud to use only environment-friendly materials to create our products to fulfill our commitment to the environment. Calody Air will in time begin tell the story of your life without ruining.